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In Conversation: Thursday Finest

We’re getting personal with the brand that allows you to get personal… and so much more!  In anticipation of their trunk show at STORY we sat down with #PitchNight alum, Thursday Finest, to learn more about their inspiration, ethos and where their name came from…

Tell us about the brand!

At Thursday Finest, we use 3D-knitting robots to rethink products, manufacturing and retail and produce individual apparel — all with minimal environmental impact.

I think we’ve all had this experience when shopping in traditional retail stores…there seem to be so many products out there and yet nothing fits, things are not quite right. When starting Thursday Finest, we asked ourselves: “instead of mass producing products in sizes and colors that only fit mannequins, why not custom make them to fit each person?”

Two years ago we set out to change the current fashion industry. To make customizable knitwear to fit each individual person and make it simple and fun to get what you want. Each of our products – socks, ties, hats, sweaters, scarves etc. – are custom made for your size, color and style preference. You can even design your own socks and add your own custom text.

Where did the name “Thursday Finest” come from?

We believe that the fashion and apparel industry is bananas – that the status quo highlights the fashion designer at the expense of the customer, and the bottom line over quality and usability. Through technology and design-thinking, they are re-imagining a growing list of categories to serve customers of all shapes and sizes, democratize the bespoke and create a new generation of better-made and deeper-loved garments and accessories.

Thursday Finest is a contemporary play on the traditional bespoke. We want to fuel your self-expression and create individual apparel that fits you.

What other brands, in apparel or otherwise, do you think are doing a good job of handling the issue of ‘waste’?

We believe conscious consumption starts with conscious manufacturing. Brands and consumers need to work together to create a better future. Our business model and manufacturing method produces zero textile waste. Even more, our yarn comes from an Italian mill that uses solar power and a hydroelectric dam. By making apparel custom and on demand, we’re creating wanted products with a home. We’re fighting the mass manufacturing that results in unwanted and unsold products that end up in landfills and contribute to the 15 million tons of textile waste each year.

We’re always inspired by the work Patagonia is doing from material sourcing and manufacturing to raising awareness about environmental policies and enabling customers to have clothing repaired instead of replaced.

You’ve just extended your line to sweaters, are their other categories in which you’re looking to expand?

We’re excited to debut the Better Sweater. They are custom-made with Japanese robots from the future in the US from a unique, technical Merino wool yarn to keeps you warm, dry and odor-free.   We’ve also recently launch custom Merino men’s socks that we created in partnership with The Woolmark Company. Due to consumer interest, we’ll be adding women’s sizes for Merino boot socks in the coming months!

What is the most popular word/phrase have customized on their “Thursday Finest” item? 

“Zero Fucks.” And really, is there a better way to step into the new year than with a pair of Zero Fucks socks reminding you to focus on the people and goals that matter and forget the rest!?