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In Conversation: Skip Hursh

It’s another big weekend at Home for the Holidays, so we took a time out to catch up with this week’s Working Not Working artist who will be joining us for Out of Office Hours this Sunday, November 20, 12-4PM. Designer Skip Hursh will be joining us to help visitors find a little (self)expression on the Microsoft Surface Studio. Hursh is a designer, animator, and artist from the midwestern USA, based in Brooklyn. He works as a Designer at Tumblr and was previously an On-Air Designer & Animator for Nickelodeon. We chatted about his creative process, living in NYC, and the importance of working with a community.

You work with a lot of different mediums, but your work is very recognizably “Skip Hursh.”  Can you tell us a little bit about how you found your unique style?

I think it’s both a reflection of my visual interests and processes I’ve developed, reacting in different ways to different tools. I look at the limitations of a medium and carve out a space to play and experiment within it. I like to work quickly and make a lot of piles of things and then go back and edit, rearrange, and revisit with a more careful eye.

How long have you been with Working Not Working, and how important is it to be part of a creative community?

I’ve been a member for a few years–it’s a great community that overlaps with my network of creative friends quite a bit. Having a supportive creative community is really important, especially for freelancers.

The Microsoft Surface Studio is all about “multiplying productivity with creativity.” Do you have any personal productivity hacks?

The best productivity hack is to not open social media.

How does living in NYC impact your process and creativity?

The practical limitations of NYC have influenced the mediums I work with most frequently. Digital work doesn’t take up much space so it’s easier to manage when space is at a premium. NYC is also full of talented, creative people. Even if they don’t live here, everyone seems to come through eventually.

What is one thing that we can’t learn about you from googling?

I used to work as a live caricature artist at a boardwalk when I was in college.

Favorite spot in NYC?

I live near Prospect Park in Brooklyn and it’s pretty much everything I could ask for in a park.