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Get to Know: Samantha Hahn on the Women’s Movement

As an illustrator, creative director, STORY collaborator, and mother, Samantha Hahn is someone who defines what it means to follow your he(art). In celebration of Women’s History Month, she shares with us her thoughts on the Women’s Movement, the ever-evolving definition of the “F Word,” and what the “Day Without a Woman” Strike may look like in her own household.

Since we collaborated together on last year’s F-Word STORY, the Women’s Movement and has taken center stage within our current political climate. What do you see as the biggest change – and the biggest challenge when it comes to redefining feminism?
I think “feminist” has become a dirty word. I have heard multiple public figures asked if they’re feminists, only to reply with an answer that says they believe in equality but are not feminists. Somehow the definition of feminism has been twisted and warped. Really though nothing about it has changed. A feminist is simply someone who believes in equality. That’s it. There’s no hemming or hawing. If you believe in equality, you are a feminist. I think if anything, we need to clarify the simple definition because it’s not a dirty word, it’s a word we can all wear with pride.

What was the inspiration behind your Woman’s March posters?
Love. Simply put, I wanted to create visuals that expressed the hopes and goals of the people holding them.

As a full-time mother, illustrator, and creative director, what would participation in March 8th’s “Day Without A Woman” Strike look like to you?

My husband would have to operate as a single parent; getting the kids ready for school alone, making and cleaning up breakfast, stopping his work day extremely early to pick them up, make dinner for them and put them to bed and then go back to work at night to meet his deadlines. These are all things we do together or take turns doing on a normal day. It would look like my clients having to receive work late, my friends and collaborators holding off on the projects we’re in the midst of. It would be a taxing day for everyone.

What’s on your feminist-inspired reading list these days?
I’m the creative director for quarterlane books. I asked my friend and writer Lisa Butterworth to send me her feminist reading list for our sister editorial site, The Edit. I lettered it for our editorial sister site. You can check it out below.

What is one thing we can’t find out about you by googling?
I’m actually pretty introverted. I love just chilling in small groups or with my family. I post my work for New York Fashion week and I’m backstage and all over the place but really I’m mostly into chilling out in quiet spaces.

Favorite spot in NYC?
Such a hard question. There are so many amazing places in this city that I love. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is pretty magical.