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In Conversation: Pawel Nolbert

This Sunday, 12-4PM, Warsaw-based Pawel Nolbert of Working Not Working joins us for Out of Office Hours, in which he will he helping visitors design complimentary custom cell phone skins on the Microsoft Surface Studio! Nolbert is a multidisciplinary image-maker, illustrator, art director and designer focused on commercial and artistic projects. We talked with him about his creative process, productivity hacks, and finding his artistic voice.

You work within a lot of different mediums, but you have a very recognizable style no matter what you’re doing. Can you tell us a little bit about how you found your artistic voice / style. 

Throughout the years of evolution, the common element in my work would definitely be an extensive use of color and the different aspects of it. I’ve always been interested in adding another dimension to things, to elevate the flat and to make things look less obvious. I’m bored with obvious and I need to constantly experiment find something new every once in a while.

We love your “reconstructed realities,” series, in which you mix travel photography with neon-hued backdrops and colorfully painted geometries – it’s almost a hyperbolic interpretation of how we all carefully construct our identities on various social medial platforms everyday. Was this an intentional statement, or something that happened to evolve through experimentation?

The idea of a statement like that has been with me for quite a long time before that, and I found that the project would be a good occasion to actually express it.

I’ve always had the perfect frames and scenes in my head that I’d like to stumble upon and photograph, but couldn’t quite get in the purely photographic ways, so I decided to create them, in an genuine way.

How long have you been with Working Not Working, and how important is it to be part of a creative community?

It’s been couple years since I joined and I always try to actively use the service as often as I can. It has provided lots of opportunities to me and it has been a great relationship with WnW, hopefully mutual. Thanks Justin and Adam!

The Microsoft Surface Studio is all about “multiplying productivity with creativity.” Do you have any personal productivity hacks?

When it comes to inspiration, which translates to productivity, it comes and goes. For creative hacks, I try to keep the process simple and coherent, and try to use only one piece of software as much as I can. For general productivity though, don’t force it, just go out for a 20 minute walk, or do some breathing exercises, like mindfulness, and you will see how much it will help your brain to restore the balance.

What is one thing that we can’t learn about you from googling?

I have a twin sister.

Favorite spot in NYC?

Soho. The Highline. Roosevelt Island.