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In Conversation With: Erica Prince

STORY called on Geranium Studios founder Erica Prince to conceptualize a fixture statement that is as diverse and personal as our take on beauty.  Get to the know the woman who knows a lot about making things beautiful!

A brainchild of Prince, Geranium Studios was born out of her 10+ years’ experience in painting, sculpture, costume, and retail merchandising and is multidisciplinary in design, display strategy and all things ready to be made beautiful… in whatever that means to you.

Why did you decide to create Geranium Studios?

I am a fine artist but I’ve been working in display and design for over 10 years. Because I work on so many different types of projects, and in so many different materials, it was often confusing for clients when they tried to figure out my specialty. I wanted to create a company that centered around a philosophy instead of a particular type of job— we specialize in display and design that requires a hands-on approach and an artists’ touch. I also have so many skilled collaborators that I wanted to fold into the Geranium Studios team. There was so much potential- it seemed obvious that a company needed to be born.

What inspires you?

Contemporary art, high-end design, interior design, fashion, flowers, architecture, organizational systems, interesting materials…the list goes on…

What does Beauty mean to you?

Beauty is not just about surface, it’s about thoughtfulness and presence. Beautiful things, whether they are people or objects, seem effortless, intentional, self-aware.

If you could partner with one artist (living or not) on a project, who would it be and why?

Ettore Sottsass- because I’d love to make colorful conceptual drawings together during the design phase, and because his works are both practical and a little over the top.

One item always found in design tool-kit?

White artists tape! Its super strong yet temporary. I usually have a roll in my purse.

Any hidden talents?

I am a great teacher and critique-facilitator. I was an adjunct professor of art for 5 years. I’m also pretty good at giving people experimental transformational makeovers- in my art practice I have a project called The Transformational Makeover Salon where I turn participants into someone besides themselves- I’ve transformed over 100 people to date.

Favorite book to curl up with?

Either Carl Sagan’s Cosmos or the IKEA Catalog

What’s a fun fact we can’t learn about you from Google? I have an elaborate fire escape garden. I cut flowers everyday and make arrangements for the apartment. It’s quite meditative and helps me center myself and connect to the present moment. Someday I hope to have a huge cut flower garden where I can make dramatic arrangements from a variety of flower options.

Geranium Studios in five words? 

Multidisciplinary display and design enterprise!