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In Conversation: Carpe Donut NYC

This Saturday, December 24, 8:30 AM-12:00PM, marks our last #SnacknShop, and what a fun-filled (and productive) eight weeks it’s been! This weekend, to help you get your last-minute shopping checked off, Carpe Donut NYC is bringing the flavor with apple cider donuts and hot cider. Long before we tried our first Carpe Donut, we were intrigued by owner Andrew Bozzo’s first impressions of the donuts:

“I follow my nose and as I approach, I see it is a cart and it says Carpe Donut on the front.  Donuts!  I love donuts.  Is this really happening?  Is someone making hot fresh donuts at this holiday party?  As I reach the counter I see a smiling face.  The face must have said something but my primal urges have taken over.

I’m aware enough to know that if I nod, the face will give me a donut so I nod and nod and nod and nod….I’m not sure how many donuts I ate but one thing is certain, I had found a transcendent donut.”

After finally tasting the donuts for ourselves, all we can say is: transcendent indeed. As we gear up for the final weekend of #SnacknShop, we caught up with the legendary truck to talk secret ingredients and seizing the (sweeter) moments in life.

What’s your sweetest holiday memory?
Discovering Apple Cider Donuts at a holiday party 8 years ago.

Your company name is a play on “carpe diem”… What’s your style of seizing the day?
Our style is beginning the day before dawn. Donuts are an early business!

Your business began with a chance meeting at a holiday party. How has that moment changed your life?
We are never short on donuts now.

What’s something we can’t find out about you by googling?
Our secret ingredients!

You’ve brought your incredible donuts to NYC. What’s one of your favorite destinations in the city to serve?
We always LOVE coming to STORY!!