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In Conversation With: Andrew Sotomayor

We are extremely excited to have Emmy winning celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor in store Thursday September 14th for our COVERGIRL NYFW Beauty Pit Stop…  but for now, get to know the makeup genius behind your best fashion accessory…makeup!

Tell us about your background. Were you always interested in beauty?

I first noticed makeup and hair watching my mother get ready to go out to dinner with my father. I remember the scent of her Covergirl blush. I remember the lavender eye shadows my aunt would wear, but only when she was going to work or getting dressed up. Whether for work or a nice evening, wearing makeup seemed to be about getting ready for something you cared about.

Any daily rituals?

I use a lot less skincare now than before I went vegan. I believe it’s really helped my complexion. I use a lightweight lotion or serum twice a day, and keep a gentle cleanser in the shower so I remember to use it. I use alcohol-free exfoliating pads on my nose to prevent blackheads. Besides that, I go to yoga, Pilates, or dance classes as often as I can, and I have the Headspace app on my phone. Beauty is not skin deep. It involves your whole body, your heart, and your spirit. You gotta take care of it all. 

Favorite subjects in school?

Art, theater, music, plus dance classes and singing lessons outside of school. I did well in school but was terrible at math. I worked so hard on my creative pursuits and writing, so finally, during senior year, my mother let me drop math so I could take an additional art class. My sister was always a better sculptor and fine artist, but we both focused our attention on our crafts.

What’s a fun fact we can’t learn about you from Google?

I was almost in the national tour of Chicago. So close…

Favorite NY Restaurant?

Dirt Candy. No contest.

If you weren’t a beauty expert you would be?

Broadway chorus boy, Pilates instructor, drag queen, animal rights advocate, food blogger. 

Who inspires you?

People and their lives. The Museum of Modern Art. A good meal.

Any hidden talents?

Remember that scene from “Sabrina” where Audrey Hepburn makes Humphrey Bogart make a proper souffle using just the olives, eggs, and crackers from his minibar? I can basically make a meal out of whatever you have in your kitchen right now this minute. Seriously. 

One item always found in your makeup drawer?

Good mascara. Red lipstick. Concealer. I recommend everyone have great versions of those three items. You can look stylish, even in a pinch. 

Beauty in six words?

Show us who you are inside.

If you had one piece of beauty advice that everyone MUST follow (other than wear sunscreen) what would it be?

Think of makeup like fashion. Some things, like foundation and concealer, are like undergarments. They make you look better even though other people won’t know what you’re wearing. Other products, like eyeliner, eyeshadows, and rich lip colors are like jewelry and accessories. They show off your aesthetic and can express something about you. 

Don’t be afraid of wearing too much makeup, and use products with a lot of pigment. A little should be able to go a long way so you don’t have to layer so much. Give yourself a chance to practice, make mistakes, wash it off and try again. With the right product and some basic technique the skin will look even and smooth, and natural. Eyes and lips will look defined, bright, full, and stylish. 

 Eat well. Only fight about the things that matter.