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Connect to Your Health with David Pogue’s Picks

So you want to be connected? Technology exists to make our lives better, so consider Yahoo Tech’s VP, David Pogue, your guide to feeling empowered by your gadgets as a tool to connect to yourself. Here, 4 smarter, faster, better items on his list of “best bets” for being connected:

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Jawbone UP Move:

Being active counts, so this bright little activity tracker clips onto just about anything and monitors steps, calories, and exercise.

The Orange Chef Prep Pad:

Being knowledgable about what’s in your food makes all the difference, so this Bluetooth enabled scale breaks down each item into its nutritional components.

Lumo Lift:

Being in posture can positively impact health, so this activity tracker also monitors when you’re slouching and provides real time feedback.

Drop Kitchen Scale:

Being precise matters, so this smart scale is accurate for 6kg to under a gram.