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Get Caffeinated: Coffee Tools That Won’t Let You Down!

Fun fact: 62 percent of American adults drink at least one coffee per day. Chances are, you’re one of them–– and you don’t want to settle for a mediocre cup of joe. That’s where we come in. The STORY team has compiled our favorite, innovative tools to brew a delicious cup of coffee–– and then get back to work.

Design your life… and your coffee

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

This coffeemaker was created by scientists. Seriously. Not only is Ratio absolutely gorgeous, but it also brews at an optimal temperature that meets SCAA Gold Cup Standards. Fancy, right? Oh, and it brews 8 cups at time. That’ll come in handy when you’re working with a team. (Or just have a lot of stuff to do by yourself. No judgement.)

Solve any caffeine crisis


On the go? Dripkit, founded by Kara Cohen and Ilana Kruger, offers portable pour-over, single-use coffee packets. Now you’re covered, no matter where you need a pick me up. Get energy from the 3 cups that each pouch makes, plus a good feeling for supporting a local Brooklyn roastery.

Fuel of the future

Fellow Stagg EKG+ and Stagg Pour-Over Dripper

This isn’t your mama’s kettle. As Marcia Griffiths would say, “It’s electric!” (Boogie, woogie, woogie.) The Stagg EKG+ kettle features variable temperature control, a brew stopwatch, and bluetooth connection to the Acaia Brewbar Tablet App.Next, use the Stagg Dripper to extract the most goodness from each pour. You pretty much just became a barista.

Chill out


Think about all the time you spend making iced coffee. Now imagine getting those minutes back. Feels good, right? The HyperChiller, AKA your new favorite kitchen tool, does exactly that by chilling your java in sixty seconds. No more waiting in line at a packed cafe! And in our opinion, anything that gets us caffeinated quicker is a godsend.