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Category archive: Love STORY 2017

Our New STORY is…Out Of Office

All work and no play, means it’s time for an ice cream sundae. At least that’s the thinking behind STORY’s 41st retail concept: Out of Office. Part staycation, part invitation to play hooky from cubicles and conference calls, the summer-right follow up to “Future of Work” STORY offers up all the essentials to kick back […]

Otherland Candle Co.’s Founder Will Skip Work for Painted Pools and Frozen Gummy Bears

Wish you could make summer last forever? Enter Otherland Candle Co., the direct-to-consumer candle company that’s managed to distill the season down to its easy essence. It’s summer-right collection of scents are instant nostalgia (not to mention oh-so Instagram worthy), inspired by tennis balls, sea shells, and brown sugar. We sat down with founder Abigail Stone […]

The Making of Out of Office STORY: Flor Carpet Tiles

While the rest of NYC was busy making their summer out-of-office plans, STORY’s incredible Storytellers + partners were hard at work making sure we were creating the ultimate summer experience within our four walls. Since filling the store with pool water was not an option (although momentarily considered!), we called on our friends at Flor […]

The Making of Out of Office STORY: Artist Georgia Elrod

When we decided to bring the outside inside to STORY, our first call was to visual artist, Georgia Elrod. Founding G.L. Decorative Finishes in 2005, Georgia realized she had discovered a way to support her artistic practice as well as exercise her love of paint in a parallel industry. Working with interior designers, commercial spaces, and historic sites, […]

Five No-Bummer-Summer Solutions to Swear By

Summer in New York comes with its own set of problems. Eye-stinging SPF, subway air, and sticky everything, for starters. Searching for solutions? We’ve got you covered with everything from sweat-proof sunscreen to slip on shoes – pull up a beach chair and staycation a while. Summer Bummer 01: SPF that stings when you sweat […]

Poolside Chat: Chubbies

“We believe in the weekend…and we damn sure believe in Friday at Five.”  Yes, this is part of Chubbies‘ mission statement and one that we have temporarily adopted during Out of Office STORY.  We sat down with Chubbies co-founder and learned how he does summer…the only way it should be done! What’s your story in […]

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