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CAT Clutch Fever

Dear CAT Clutch,

When your Kickstarter-funded clutches first hit the runway, we were like MEEE-OOWW! We may have launched Style.Tech STORY  in September 2014, but since then, you were love at first (bright) sight and we had to add you to Love STORY. Since then, we’ve learned that CAT stands for Creative Arts & Technology, a company founded on the marriage between an IT Senior Director from a Fortune 500 company and a fervent fashion enthusiast with an IT background of her own. The passion project created by these two brilliant minds is a clutch like no other, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our Love STORY with your suped-up piece of spectacular arm candy!

Working with a user-friendly app, you empower fashionistas to create, customize, and display animated LED images on the side of the resin-casted clutch. Your long battery life means we can have 10-12 hours being the life of the party, and your interior USB charging port keeps our phones as charged up for fun as we are. Whether putting up a personalized message we made in your CAT apps for iOS and Android or a (included) pre-made animation from a commissioned pixel artist, we know that – with you – we’ve cracked the code for the future of fashion. You’re basically catnip for cool girls everywhere, and we’re so glad to have you at our side (or over our shoulder)!