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CAP Beauty’s Founders Are Creating a Conscious Destination for Natural Beauty

More and more modern customers demand natural ingredients in their beauty products, getting savvy to the positive impact they have on both the environment and the skin. Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse founded CAP Beauty to cater to the conscious, and sat down with us to discuss their company, their community, and a couple of F-words.

Since it’s F-Word STORY, can you tell us what Feminism means to you?
Feminism is about taking control and taking the time to make thoughtful choices. When we nourish ourselves through healthy products, good nutrition, meditation, rest, and fitness– we become our best and most empowered selves. A healthy body and mind are the building blocks for great things. In short, we worship at the altar of radical self-care.

Is CAP Beauty also part of that “radical self-care”?
It fits into it. At CAP Beauty, our mission is to spread the word about the power of naturals. Products that are teeming with life-giving botanical ingredients simply work. They deliver radiance, vibrancy and true beauty. We are here to share the power and potency of them with the world. We also believe strongly in building community through education. Knowledge is power and to work towards this end we offer an incredible roster of free events in our store, from hormone talks with physicians to astrology or spirit animal workshops. We encourage all to come learn.

So part of your model is community-building.
“It takes a village” might be the most potent and relevant piece of advice that we live by at CAP. Without our brilliant staff, our customers, our vendors, and our partners– we’d still just be an idea. Every day we recognize the importance of surrounding ourselves with intelligent, thoughtful, and creative people. Which is exactly what we’ve done.

That’s admirable. Do you have another “F-Word” you would say you stand for?
Fortune. When we recognize our own good fortune, we only attract more.

We usually end by asking for a parting bit of advice, but that was pretty good.
We have more! Swap just one conventional product for something natural. You’ll see and feel the results, and you’ll never look back. Oh, and practice Yoga.