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CAP Beauty Keeps It Natural

Dear CAP Beauty,

Inner beauty – it’s why we found you so captivating from the get-go. Your all-natural products nourish us from the inside out and always leave us feeling fresh. So when it came time to reinvent Well Being STORY, we had to tip our hats caps to you and welcome you back for a little celebration of (self)Love.

Your Founders Kerrilyn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima share a love of wellness and high-vibe living. So naturally, they’re a living resource for women who want to celebrate their natural beauty – not cover it up. Each product in your Manhattan spa and store hybrid provides something that guides us to our most beautiful self. From your Pink Mountain Salt that’s sourced by hand from the high peaks of the Himalayan mountains and packed with 84 vital minerals, to your Mountain High Bar that encourages us to eat our way to radiant beauty, to your Anointing Oil that gives off the intoxicating scents of sandalwood, neroli, and clary sage that work on an energetic level to create and promote love from within – we’re taking our health to freaky new heights (and enjoying the ride there).


P.S. We can’t wait to return to your Spa location at 238 West 10th Street!