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Buzz Feed? GE Collaborates For Reissue of Moonboot

StyleTech is all about what’s happening next. But let’s pause and rewind to July 1969 when Buzz Aldrin took giant leap for mankind. His shoes: a Silicon Rubber developed for the mission by GE. Fast forward 45 years and the cultural implications of that moment have propelled generations of innovators, seeking to take the next small step towards man-made progress.

Since these days, memories don’t last longer than a character count, GE  which is at its core a materials science and engineering company, teamed up with otherworldly shoe makers Android Homme and Jack Threads to remind us where it all started by creating a sporty reissue of the moon boot.

Called The Missions, the sneaker is made from lightweight carbon fiber used for jet engine components and sports a hydrophobic coating similar to materials that prevent ice from forming on wind turbine blades. Sound buzz worthy? They were. In fact, the 100 commemorative pairs commissioned almost  sold out within days of launch but you can check out one a few of the last remaining pairs at STORY (yep, we’ve got ’em.)

These boots were made for moonwalking.