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Bundle Up With Nuna Knits!

Pitch Night discovery Nuna Knits is back for an extra special trunk show at STORY on Wednesday 11/14! Nuna’s cozy hats and socks are made with a focus on materials, incorporating locally sourced wool with timeless design.  Founder and textile maven Peggie Ehlers gave us the details on her favorite places to stop by when she’s in the city and of course, her passion for wool.

What’s your brand STORY in six words or less?

Design that begins with the land.

What makes your products a great gift?

Authentic farm to fashion, with an authentic supply chain of fiber breeds of sheep, alpaca and angora rabbits and mohair goats. Handmade in the USA with hands like yours.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend in New York?

Looking for latest NYC street style and applying them to Nuna’s farm to fashion philosophy.

What’s the last thing that inspired you?

The hat making class two years ago that taught me how to use natural fibers to design hand-blocked hats.

What’s on your wish list this year?

For wool and American-made to become mainstream here in the USA.

One thing we can’t find out about you on the internet?

I’m a grower of angora rabbits for yarn production, former ski patroller, EMT and mom.

Where’s your favorite spot to get your snack on in NYC?

Tea at The Plaza

What’s your favorite way to warm up when it’s cold in the city?

Wearing wool, drinking hot chocolate and ice skating in Central Park

What local creative should we know about and follow on Instagram?

@realnycmarket and Sara Keiser (@lolitabox185)