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How Brynn Putnam is Refining Boutique Fitness and Transforming Minds and Bodies

The Refine Method is known for its high-intensity workouts that combine the best of well, everything – from cardio and resistance training to Pilates. The unique methodology was developed by Brynn Putman, a Harvard-educated, former New York City Ballet dancer as a way to train smarter and exercise the body in the way it was designed to move. Ahead Brynn shares how she stays curious and tips for getting your body out of a workout rut.

The Refine Method is a unique fitness hybrid, can you developed the workout? 
I got my first job as a professional dancer with the New York City Ballet at age 16. In 2009 I retired and realized I needed to find my first gym. Taking class soon turned to teaching at some of New York’s top boutique fitness studios. I watched my students logging many hard workout hours, yet making little progress and I started to wonder how much of what I knew about fitness was fact and how much was myth. Many of the top minds in the field worked with professional athletes, so I travelled the country to learn from the top athletic trainers, coaches and scientists. Refine is the product of my personal journey.

So it sounds like this is about more than just burning calories. 
Yes. I founded Refine to help people build confidence, to stand up taller because they were proud of how their body felt and what it could do. My goal for Refine is that you have faith in yourself, and also in your workout. I want you to know that the hard work you put in at Refine is the best thing you can do for your body because we’ve done the research it takes to make it that way.

As a fitness instructor and former ballerina, “Feeling Good” has played a pretty big role in your life – can you tell us what it means to you? 
For me, “feeling good” is a combination of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-care. Know who you are, embrace who you are (even the parts you don’t like!) and then treat yourself like you would treat someone you love.

Okay, so going by that definition when’s the last time you did something that felt good? 
This weekend, I visited one of my mentors, who has trained professional athletes and Olympic gold medalists. Every opportunity I have to learn more, to get better at helping others, is immensely rewarding. I feel great when I am growing and able to help others grow too.

That’s awesome. Speaking of learning: what happens in a Refine Method class, break it down for us? 
Refine is high-intensity interval training, personalized for every body. In this class we’ll be doing a 50 minute blend of cardio, strength and flexibility designed to break a sweat and build confidence.

At some point in our lives, we all start to feel like our workouts aren’t working. How do we get out of the body rut? 
My answer: ‘What’s your plan?’ Any new habit must start with a clear plan: Who are you and how do you best change? What are the steps you will take daily towards your goal? The biggest mistake unsuccessful clients make is confusing exercise with training. Exercise makes you sweat and sore, training creates physical change. If you have a specific goal, you must start with self-assessment, create a plan and then track your progress.