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Bring the Outdoors In with Woodsy Everything

In the mood to stay inside and imagine that outside your windows is a mountain view? We get you. Here’s a shortlist of stuff you’ll need to make fantasy a sensory reality – from candles to cabin spray.

Lafco Ski House Candle: If you can’t have a crackling fire, Lafco’s woodsy candle is the next best thing. Scented to smell all sorts of smoky and warm, it’s certain to inspire cozy, curled up by the candle times.

Izola Alpine Soap: What comes after dreams of fresh powder? Izola’s Ski House soap. Triple milled, it’s made with organic oatmeal so is gentle enough to care for a little post-shred windburn.

Juniper Ridge Cabin Room Spray: If the rustic vibe is your thing, Juniper Ridges Cabin Room Spray will transport you somewhere off the grid. Distilled from the essences of the forest, the scent bottles all things outdoorsy.