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Brace Yourself: Friendship Bracelets Are Back

The tearful last day of camp, the end of your summer, a friend you made by the beach on a family vacation – remember when a friendship bracelet sealed the deal when it came to being BFFs no matter what happened? DIY drive and ’90s nostalgia are trending like stonewashed denim in the dial-up days (oh snap, is that coming back too?), so it’s no surprise that friendship bracelets are back to celebrate the connection of the world’s besties. Check out this roundup of wrist-wear that says “past, present, or future – we’re in this together!”

Bracelet: Friendship Collar (pictured above)
BFF: Your Canine Chum or Feline Friend
Because: Friendship Collar uses striking colors, printed patterns, and embellished materials to craft matching collars and bracelets for you and your four-legged pal. As if that didn’t already get our tails wagging, every piece in their collection is cruelty-free, PETA-approved, and vegan!

Bracelet: Andrea Bocchio Boc Box Kits
BFF: The DIY Fashionista in Your Life
Because: With everything you need to crochet your own signature Andrea Bocchio set of bracelets, this box throws back to the time when you made friendship bracelets together by hand – while elevating the look and quality of materials. In addition to being customizable and creative, opening up the Boc Box also opens up an online world of tutorial videos, artsy ideas, and a crafty community of people like you (and your BFF)!

Bracelet: The Jane Collection by RumbaTime
BFF: The Big-Hearted Punctual Pal
Because: Mixing functional with friendship, these minimalist timepieces come with interchangeable cotton-braid straps reminiscent of bestie-bonding bracelets. Doubling down on the love, RumbaTime donates $2 of each sale to charity partners Young Survival Coalition, Action Against Hunger, and Social Tees Animal Rescue. How’s that for all that and a bag of good feelings?

BraceletMono & Me Bracelets
BFF: The Charming World-Traveler
Because: Hand-dyed and woven in Barcelona by Swedish designer Camilla Brindfors, these beaded bracelets symbolize an ethnic fusion that’s perfect for your globe-trotting BFF. Anchored by a simple charm – Pon Pon, cross, bead, star, or skull – you and your bestie can collect ’em, stack’em, and trade ’em 4 life.

Looking for a bonding activity for you and your bestie? After you pick up your bracelet of choice at #RememberWhenSTORY, cheer each other on as you run our Human Hamster Wheel!