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Bobbi Brown Talks Confidence, Shares Her Best Bets

She’s an entrepreneur, beauty guru, and all around powerhouse. Yep, Bobbi Brown is living proof that as women we can (and should) have it all. In her latest role as the editor in chief of Yahoo Beauty, Bobbi brings her confidence-first philosophy to light online. As she says, “Beauty from the inside – confidence and a healthy diet are key. Makeup is just icing on the cake.” Here she shares words to live well by and a few of the things she can’ be without.

“Never be afraid to follow your gut – it is always right.” 

“Never ask for permission, beg for forgiveness.”  – Bobbi Brown

 Bobbi’s best bets from top: Pretty Powerful by Bobbi Brown, ALOHA daily packs, Emi Jay Hair Ties, Hu Kitchen chocolate