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Bloom & Give Boosts Female Empowerment

Dear Bloom & Give,

Tradition and giving define the holiday season, so finding your timeless textile artistry embedded in a philosophy of social justice in time to make it part of our Home for the Holidays STORY felt like kismet. Born in India, your founders (and friends!) Partha Raghunathan and Madhu Rajendran leverage hundreds of generations’ artisanal wisdom when it comes to weaving, dying, and embroidery techniques to create contemporary designs that are relentlessly dedicated to excellence of quality. Interlacing fine Pashmina Cashmere (which accounts for less than 0.1% of cashmere products globally – and is the softest form to the touch) with lustrous zari thread, your ethically-paid Himalayan Kashmir weavers hand-spun a scarf that made our list immediately.

The subtle stylistic brilliance and unmatched softness of your textiles was already enough to enchant us, but you don’t just enchant, you empower. With three daughters between them, your founders are dedicated to the belief that education is a fundamental right for every girl everywhere in the world, and donate a full 50% of Bloom & Give profits to educating girls in India. Fighting for gender equality while creating high-quality textiles that weave the ancient and modern together with effortless harmony? This is how we knew it was love at first touch.