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Bite Into…
Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Fresh ice in 15 minutes? And it’s delicately crushed? Yes please! As unyielding foodies and fanciful home mixologists, we can fully appreciate Opal Nugget Ice Maker, a cool new countertop appliance from GE’s crowd-sourced think tank FirstBuild.

Here’s a quick look at why we can’t get enough…and if you haven’t checked out Opal already, be sure to come by Fresh STORY to give it a go!


To produce perfectly crushed ice at home or outdoors in just 15 minutes.


Ice flakes are scraped from Opal’s stainless steel cylinder, pushed through a round hole and compacted into softly chewable ice nuggets. It’s equipped with a sensor so it knows when to start and stop making ice, and it works without a water line (just fill the reservoir), so you can take it to your next picnic.


Opal is the upshot of GE’s crowd-sourcing platform, FirstBuild, where engineers and enthusiasts around the world can work together to create new innovative products!