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Bijou Factory Throws an Arm Party in a Box

The one party you’re going to want to make this summer? The arm party being thrown by crafty-cool friendship bracelet kit maker, Bijou Factory. A Pitch Night discovery, the basic idea is that DIY doesn’t have to look like a craft project and that with the right materials and a little know-how anyone can create homemade jewelry they’d actually want to wear.

Creator and jewelry designer Anne-Sophie Cauchy, explains: “We save you a trip to the bead store and hours looking for inspiration on blogs. And no need to fiddle with pliers either. Stop pining, start making.”

Kits draw on Anne-Sophie’s experiencing sourcing the right mix of materials and come packed with ingredients like Swarovski stones, silk, and genuine gemstones. The rest – from colorful beaded cuffs to woven bangles – is up to you.

Because the coolest answer to who makes your bracelets…I DIY.