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Beth Macri’s Necklace Bar

Dear Beth Macri,

Every since we first met at #PitchNight, you’ve been a part of our storied history. From concept to concept, your customizable hidden-message necklaces always just seemed to make sense. They say new friends are silver and old friends are gold, but to us, you’re both – purely precious, mixing the old and new to create something unforgettable. That’s why we’re so excited to, for the first time, have a full-time Necklace Bar fixture from you as part of our current Love STORY.

For many memorable concepts, your hidden message necklaces could be custom-ordered from our store (the first retail space to make them available!), but during Love STORY, customers can walk out wearing their sentimental creations. You’ve made the process elegantly simple:

  1. Select either a standard 18in or extra-long 24in chain in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold vermeil plating, or gunmetal.
  2. Compose a secret message out of Beth’s extensive collection of letters, numbers, and symbols – mixing and matching from the same metals available for the chain.
  3. Finally, put it on and share your secret message (or keep it close to the heart).

Adding another layer of glimmer to this already shining new moment, you’ve reinvented the clasps of your necklaces to make charms simple to add to, remove, or rearrange. Never content to settle, you keep our relationship fresh with surprises that surpass expectations! That’s why we love you, Beth Macri, and we’re looking forward to telling this Love STORY together.