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Beth Macri Reinterprets the Nameplate Necklace

In the late ’90s, nameplate necklaces graced the neck of everyone who was anyone. And they spoke volumes. But like many trends from the dial-up days (frosted tips, tying flannel around your waist, golf visors, anyone?) nameplate necklaces fell out of fashion. Sporting a tag suddenly became garish – even if Carrie Bradshaw could pull it off well into the aughts.

Nonetheless, something sentimental was lost when the nameplate went the way of jeans with the waistband cut out. But the ache of nostalgia often yields a desire to reinvent and improve upon relics from the past. Enter: #PitchNight alum Beth Macri. Her subtle take on the nameplate necklace is a modern reinterpretation of a classic.

Drawing from her eight years of experience as a structural engineer, Beth Macri modeled her customizable Hidden Message Necklaces after I-beams – though instead of holding structures aloft from gravitational forces, her charms hold meaning for the wearer.

The ’90s were all about Livin’ La Vida Loca (loudly), but we’ve entered a more subdued time in fashion. Beth Macri’s pieces strike an expertly engineered balance that delivers the best of both worlds. The Hidden Message Necklaces evoke the classic sentimental charm of nameplate necklaces while adding total customization – from color, to message, to chain length – and the option to reveal your message only to those you choose.

A long-time member of the STORY family, Beth Macri joins us again for #RememberWhenSTORY, and we’re stoked to make more memories together. Have you considered what your Hidden Message Necklace might say?

For more throwbacks and inspired re-imaginings of ’90s nostalgia, visit #RememberWhenSTORY (and if you want a chance to be a #PitchNight alum like Beth Macri, click here).