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Behind the Seams of Outlier, a Techie Outlook

For most apparel brands, it’s all about how something looks. Brooklyn apparel brand Outlier considers how its garments look, but pay even closer attention to how it looks while you’re doing things.

To account for the active lifestyles of its wearers, the performance-focused brand creates technologically superior pieces – from cycling-ready trousers to stretch blazers for working stiffs. The big idea here is to apply some of the things that technology companies do really well – test, update, respond to a need – and apply it to the more analog world of clothing design, production and manufacturing. Results of this approach have yielded the development of proprietary fabrics, the integration of advanced treatments to wick moisture and prevent damage, and design adaptations like the Pivot Sleeve, an angular sleeve that allows for freedom of movement.

Impressively the garments maintain a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that subheads the design enhancements. For fall, we’ve set our sights on the brands Merino shirting, water-resistant 5-pocket dungarees, and 30/60 Blazer, a piece that’s as versatile as it is soft and stretchy. Because there’s plenty of clothes we live in, fewer like Outlier that understand how we live and what we live for.