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Behind the Scenes of #RememberWhenSTORY’s PERCH Interactive Shelf

PERCH Interactive founder Jared Schiffman has been working at the intersection of design, computer science, and education for over two decades. His company PERCH Interactive seamlessly integrates digital experience into physical retail space.

PERCH fixtures have become STORY staples, and #RememberWhenSTORY features a shelf that takes you behind the scenes of classic ’90s Nickelodeon ‘toons (while featuring some finds that give back).

Intuitive and interactive, a customer’s experience with the PERCH shelf starts at a screen where SpongeBob, Rocko, and other Nickelodeon characters invite them to interact with products from Samsung, Out of Print, and Public – Supply.

From then, it’s WOW at first touch. The PERCH detects when a customer picks up a product and responds in real-time by populating its screen with details that deepen their understanding of each potential purchase. Adding another layer to the experience, a bubble appears in the corner of the screen after a few seconds, prompting curious customers to learn more about the Nickelodeon shows of the ’90s that #RememberWhenSTORY is celebrating with videos like this:

Visit #RememberWhenSTORY to try our PERCH Interactive display for yourself, and have more digital-meets-physical fun at our FoxTales Slime Time Photo Booth!