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The Beauty of Pitch Night

At STORY’s signature “Pitch Night” founder Rachel Shechtman is on the hunt for inspiring new products. Envisioned as an open call for designers and makers, the night gives creatives the opportunity to pitch a physical product to a panel of media (like our event this month with Nordstrom’s Olivia Kim), retailers, and the occasional surprise guest (like Whoopi Goldberg!).

We always find so many amazing products, many of which end up back at STORY—this time on the shelves! Here are four Pitch Night alumni making a statement at Beauty STORY this month.


Carla Colour

Pretty visionary! Carla Colour’s unisex sunglasses are for those who like to make a creative statement. Made from renewable resources and offering 100% UVA and UVB protection, stand out in the latest colors inspired by Henri Matisse and Kenzo Okaka.


Beth Macri

Rock some personalized bling. Beth Macri necklaces look super-simple but there’s a hidden intricacy; flip up the abstract metal elements to reveal something beautiful—a secret message. Surprise!



Scruba a-LUV SCRUB! Meet the West African exfoliator that lathers up big and leaves skin silky smooth while stimulating circulation—and in anti-microbial nylon it won’t need replaced for 18 months!


Senteurs d’Orient

Turn your bath into a hammam. Senteurs d’Orient is a social business that celebrates the beauty of diversity by educating women while creating handcrafted essential oil soaps inspired by Far and Middle East bathing rituals.