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Baobab Collection’s Disco Inferno

Burn baby burn! If you just can’t stop when the sparks get hot, light up your dance moves with Baobab Collection‘s limited edition candles inspired by NYC’s legendary discotheque, Studio 54. Scents like Donna, Tina and Gloria sure are dyno-mite, but this luxury Belgian brand is more than a one-hit-wonder.

They start by meticulously sourcing superior raw ingredients from across Europe, which are blended to perfection and infused with high-quality German wax. Then begins the hand-pouring, a multi-phase process that requires up to six successive layers and four days of labor before being topped off with an Egyptian cotton wick. And while their robust fragrances will have you ready to boogie, take a minute to dig the collection’s far-out metallic vessels. Each is hand-blown by a master glassworker in Poland, meaning no two are exactly alike.

So when the holidays begin to feel like a three-ring circus, find the groove with Baobab’s disco candles and just think… I will survive!