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[OWN] Bamford Watch Department’s Limited Edition @Drawbertson Rolex

A personalized Rolex, sealed with a @Drawbertson kiss.

The Rolex watch is generally held in a singular class. But what happens when singular isn’t the one of a kind you’re after? Enter Bamford Watch Department, the first brand to take a bespoke approach to fine timepieces. Founded by George Bamford, a watch enthusiast with an affinity for the rarified, the very under-the-radar company deals exclusively in exclusive – luxury watches that is.

Their latest edition, available exclusively at STORY, reinvigorates Rolex’ classic Datejust watch with a customized @Drawbertson dial and military grade titanium matte black coating. Front and center on the face are a pair of Donald’s bright red lips, accented by white hands and a red second hand to match.

A true find for the collector, it’s next level face-time with Donald.