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Bamford Watch Department Makes Our Heart Tick

Dear Bamford Watch Department,

When you first designed an exclusive Rolex in collaboration with #DonaldSTORY, we knew this was the beginning of a relationship that would keep on ticking. So duh when the time came to dial it back to the ’90s, we teamed up to create the ultimate bespoke collection of Rolexes in honor of Nickelodeon Animation’s 25th anniversary. Coated in military-grade titanium and decorated with elements from our favorite Nickelodeon shows – from SpongeBob Squarepants’ smile, to iconic green slime, to a mashup of memorable ’90s Nickelodeon characters – your watches blur high-end luxury with a quirky sense of style. And we’re bout it, bout it. Props to your founder, George Bamford, and his team of horological badasses for designing timepieces that say, “check out our wrist while you’re talking to the hand.”