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Bags and Bites Doing Good on #WorldHungerDay

842 million people live in extreme hunger. It’s a need so basic yet often a symptom of more complex issues including poverty, unemployment, lack of education, and climate change. Yet if you look past the statistics, there’s hope and effective interventions that are working to fight hunger around the world. So aside from simply being more aware of the issue, here’s how you can support the mission to address world hunger.

Feed Bags:

Co-founded by Lauren Bush Lauren, Feed Projects and the Feed Foundation work to fight world hunger by supporting school feedings – the most effective solution to stopping hunger and empowering children to break out of the poverty cycle. With a model that builds a set donation into the cost of each of its products – FEED bags and accessories – it creates measurable impact (60 million meals to date,) while raising awareness of hunger as a global challenge.


Hunger doesn’t just exist outside our borders – for 1 in 6 Americans it’s a daily reality. And increasingly its hard-working adults, children, and seniors who can’t make ends meet and are forced to go without food. As part of its conscious approach to snacking, NatureBox delivers something even better than its wholesome snack-ables – a solution. Through its partnership with Feeding America it donates a meal to a family in need for every box sold. So far, that has meant over 150000 meals delivered across our country.