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[BACK STORY] What “Start Now” Means to the Brothers Behind Tidal NY

Here’s the thing about two dollar flip flops: they look and feel like two dollar flip-flops. They’re also typically made overseas of low quality materials. Tommy and Tim Gibb, co-founders of Tidal NY are out to change the flop game with their domestically manufactured take on the ubiquitous summer shoe. Tidal’s flip-flops, which we’ve customized for Donald STORY, feature the same type of technology you’d expect from a top-of-the-line performance sneaker and they’re created right here in NY. Here, the Gibbs share the reason they decided it was time to step up your summer shoe game. 

What’s one thing about Tidal NY (and you guys) we can’t find out on the internet? 
Tidal NY was founded on the idea of making a better sandal and doing it here in the US – you need to touch it first hand to understand what makes us different. The proof is in the pudding and that you can’t get on the internet.

When’s the last thing you were inspired, by what? 
Tidal NY is in its first year of being and with that comes constant excitement, fear and inspiration, for us its the team we get to work with every day, they are special, when you have that kind of team on your side, you are inspired to forge ahead.

What does the phrase “start now” mean to you and why’d you start Tidal NYC? 
Start now translates to seize the moment, identify an opportunity and attack it. We started Tidal NY to prove to an industry, set in its way, that we can in fact do it here and do it better.

What’s the last thing you took a photo of? 
Mt. Ranier as I was pulling up to the Seattle airport this morning – its beautiful beyond words

What excited you about working with Donald Robertson and STORY!
Story is different and new, in a retail landscape dominated “same” Story is mixing it up with their unique concept, and that is how we approach each day and to have the opportunity to work with team at Story and drop DR artwork on our sandals was a humbling and inspiring opportunity for us.