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The Magic of Aura Frames

If there’s one thing Instagram has taught us it’s that we love looking at photos, and as many as we can get our little forever-scrolling hands on. If you love to lurk but dislike all the clutter of social media, try Aura. A STORY Pitch Night alum, this digital picture frame uses its app to intelligently sort and sync images from across your devices which automatically—and remotely—refreshes the display.

Keep your lovable Luddite parents in the know with an Aura that culls images from your phone, tablet or Google photos account. They’ll never have to touch a button, and will be dazzled by a continuously updated, real-time feed right in their living room. But, even better, there’s also no limit to the number of people you can invite to collaborate so your siblings can join the fun and throw their snapshots in the mix as well. There’s no amount of photos the frame can’t handle either—which means the thousands of photos you shot on that family safari last year can each have their moment to shine.

If syncing sounds a little too easy (i.e., open to embarrassing blunders), don’t worry, Aura’s thought about that. As a smart picture frame Aura has a sophisticated nudity detection system in place, and also knows to avoid photos that are low contrast, blurry, poorly cropped, have red-eye, are duplicates or low-res. Plus, it automatically creates photo collections of the people you take pictures of most often. Beauty and brains!

Eliminating the need to manually manage an image library is Aura’s pièce de résistance, but that isn’t all that makes it the picture frame of the future: gesture control lets you change photos with the wave of a hand; an ultra-high density display keeps quality at the forefront; an automatic dimmer and sleep-detection make it eco-conscious; and the slideshow behavior setting means the transition speed adjusts to its surroundings.

Streamlined to blend seamlessly into any environment, Aura is a magical gift that effortlessly keeps on giving!