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Art is Data, Data is Art

Join us in creating a visual narrative that connects you to our living conversation, bringing together stories, people and ideas.  We teamed up with Giorgia Lupi to create a living expression of people’s reactions to questions related to the themes around how we work, what brings us joy and how we are most productive.

Giorgia uses data as a lens to better understand our human nature.  By distilling our personal experiences (our lives, our thoughts, behaviors, relationships and the passage of time) into what we so coldly call data, and by actively building her data sets and expressing them as an artist, she seeks to grasp glimpses of humanity and discover overlooked details.


Visitors to STORY (online or offline) are presented with six questions to answer anonymously.   Each question was designed to correlate to something about Work / Space STORY and moreover, how we work!  The installation will be updated weekly with the data collected both in-store and from our online community.  Answer the questions, post your response, and you will become one element of the data art!


Giorgia believes that data is beautiful. She challenges the idea that numbers are impersonal, and uses them to design engaging visual narratives. Her goal is to reconnect numbers to what they stand for: stories, people, and ideas.  In other words, Giorgia draws with data. Her work brings numbers into our daily life, and makes them more human in the process. She does this by crossing the divide between digital, print, and handcrafted representations of information. Giorgia has always been driven by opposing forces: analysis and intuition, logic and beauty, numbers and images. While she was trained as an architect, she went on to get her Doctorate in Design at Politecnico di Milano. There, she focused on information mapping and got the inspiration to start her own company.

Now, she is the Design Director and co-founder of Accurat, a data-driven research, design, and innovation firm with offices in Milan and New York. Their clients include big names like IBM, Google, and the United Nations.  The world has recognized Giorgia for her creative innovation. She has won numerous awards, including multiple gold medals at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Festival of Creativity in 2013, and the “Lezioni di Design” Prize at Milan’s Design Week in 2016. Her work has also been exhibited at the Design Museum, the Science Museum, and Somerset House in London.  If you want to see more of Giorgia’s work, you can check out Dear Data, a project which is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. No big deal.