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In Conversation With: Adam Hillman

With 200K fans on Instagram, Adam Hillman—aka @witenry—can be easily described as a rising star in the wonderful world of knolling (arranging objects in a visually compelling fashion). We thought his candy-colored vision would be the perfect match for our friends at Coty, and so using lipstick, tubes of mascara and bottles of nail polish, Adam transformed Beauty STORY into a vibrant stage for personal expression. Learn more about him below!

Tell us about your background. Have you always been so methodical?
I’ve always been very selectively methodical. When I was little I would arrange toy cars into very exacting rows, and in my earlier drawings and paintings I would carefully fill in details until the whole page was filled. In other areas, however, my life can be very disorganized, which is exemplified by the disastrous state of my room.

Favorite subject in school?
Art without a doubt. I was home-schooled growing up, so I had more time than usual to study my passions, which is how I discovered art. It led to me becoming an art history major, which had a huge impact on the photos I do today.

Favorite objects to arrange?
I don’t have a specific favorite, but any time I successfully arrange a material into a pattern I’ve never tried before it gives me the most satisfying result.

Who inspires you?
Designers such as Emily Blincoe have made a huge impact on me, and her arrangements are a big influence on my style. Austin Radcliffe, the creator of the Tumblr Things Organized Neatly is also very inspiring, and his blog has helped craft my artistic vision. I’m also very inspired by artists such as Jackson Pollock and Mondrian.

Any hidden talents?
I’m a very athletic person. I played soccer for ten years, did gymnastics for five, and am a second degree black belt in karate.

Does having 200K Instagram followers excite or scare you?
It’s exciting when I have a plethora of ideas, but it can get scary when I have artist block. In a perfect world I would like to make an innovatively designed arrangement every other day, and when I don’t live up to those standards it can feel like I’m letting my followers down.

An art supply you couldn’t live without?
It’s a tie between toothpicks and double-sided tape.

Knolling in five words?
Anally precise patterns of objects.

Favorite New York museum?
Extremely difficult question, but because of its unparalleled collection of 20th century art probably the MoMA.

What can we look forward to you arranging in the future?
For most of my career I’ve arranged candy, but recently I’ve started branching out to fruits and vegetables. I’m making plans to branch out even further to food such as eggs, so look for even more food experimentation in future projects.

Who are a few people we should follow on instagram?
Without a doubt @josielewisart is one of my favorite artists on Instagram, her colors and patterns are equally amazing. @symmetrybreakfast is also one of my favorites, its creator Michael is an extremely talented chef with great food arranging skills. Lastly, check out @thingsorganizedneatly, which is a must for knolling fans.