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8 Mindful Musts for Reducing Stress and Being More Present

Mealtime, bedtime, your commute, or a night out– all are opportunities for mindful moments. Empower yourself to access the present and conquer stress with these innovative tools for every time of day.

Master Methodical Meditation: Muse

By shaping soundscapes with real-time brain activity data, Muse guides your meditative practice with subtle science and results you can see.

Experience Escape Anywhere: ESYM

Evocatively engineered to engage your limbic system, portable aromatherapies from ESYM are always accessible.

Be There for Every Bite: HapiFork

Rushed eating is problematic for digestion and deliciousness, so HapiFork reacts to your rhythm with gentle vibrations that remind you to savor.

Practice Lessening Stress: The Pip

Harnessing Electrodermal sensors to monitor your stress levels, The Pip provides the biofeedback you need to manage stress with science.

Breathe Easy and Exceptional: Jasmine by Stadler Form

Blending water and pure essential oil with ultrasonic technology, Jasmine tailors your centering scent experience to ideal intervals that you control.

Socialize Secure: The Socialite by Wisewear

Beautifully crafted Socialite bracelets are always alert under their luxurious luster, tracking steps and delivering emergency notifications with Bluetooth connectivity.

Re-Align While Resting: Sleep Yoga Pillow

Ergonomically designed for both comfort and correction, Sleep Yoga pillows empower you to perfect your posture and wake up saying “Namaste.”

Work out built-up tension: Bodyworks Ball

The Bodyworks Ball makes it easy to give your body a break, whenever and where ever it needs it through an “easy to use” design that activates muscles when you roll against a wall.