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5 Zen Must-Haves for Yogis

Remember when you resolved to do more yoga, find balance and strike a pose? Whether you’ve made good on this promise or are still waiting to sign up for that first class, we’ve put together a ‘hot as Bikram’ list of essentials for conquering your next class.

Aspen Yoga Mats:

Simple and personal, these bright mats are designed to reflect your interests and energy. Colors correspond to support different moods – from energizing tangerine to introspective plum.

S’Well Water Bottle

Feeling that flow? Take a breath and then a water break with these beautifully crafted water bottles that support a conscious lifestyle by giving back to those in need.

Spiritual Gangster: 

Wear your mantra on your sleeve with this line of Yoga-inspired sportswear, printed with spiritual sayings. Because Zen is the new black.

Illume Candles:

Instant calm. These beautiful mercury glass candles turn your home into a retreat and add evocative fragrance to your inhale.

Trigger Point: 

Designed to break through the body’s toughest, tightest trouble spots, these foam rollers help get out all the knots and reach deeper in your downward dog.