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5 Gifts for the New Yorker at Heart

New York Magazine is out with its reasons why New York should still be the apple of your eye. And it got us thinking: what are the things we love about the city that never sleeps (besides pizza.) Inspired, we created a list, filled with items that will put a local or a visitor in a New York state of mind.

Because it’s where people turn their hobbies into full time jobs: Case in point, designer Beth Macri who traded in a day job as an architect for her passion – jewelry design.

Because its ladies make us laugh: Take a few of our favorite books, Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” and Lena Dunham’s “Not that Kind of Girl”

Because it has a soft side: Proof: see In the Seam, Ronda J Smith’s collection of NYC inspired pillows like taxi cabs, landmarks and super soft pretzels.

Because it’s filled with oxymorons: Take Brooklyn-based designer Tracey Tanner. She’s a vegan and crafts beautiful leather accessories.

Because you never know who you’ll meet: Like the time at our Pitch Night when we met Will Berman, a 17-year old raw denim enthusiast behind Unwashed Denim, a range of cool, handcrafted Selvedge accessories.