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4 Shore Bets For Your Beach Bag

Before you swap the sneakers for flops, make sure you’ve got these stay-cool, look-cool items in your beach bag. Because beach bags are better when they’re packing cool.

Quirky Shake Tote: Hurricane sandy doesn’t need to happen every time you leave the beach.  Quirky’s inventive tote keeps your beach swag in and the sand where it belongs.

Corneau et Filles: After you’ve taken the plunge, do the right, sarong thing. A handy grommet makes these printed cover-ups as easy-breezy as they are elegant.

MPowerd: Suns down, Luci lights up. Inflatable and waterproof, the solar-powered lanterns are always ready to give you that beach glow.

Dick’s Cottons: Raise your glasses – sunglasses that is. Universally flattering with 100% UVA/UVB protection, these frames are perfectly suited for throwing shade while you’re sunning.