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4-Kid-Approved Goods for a Conscious Kiddo

Because good things come in small packages, we’ve rounded up our favorite kid-approved do-goods – from super soft stuffed creatures to bedtime story inspired wares.

Out of Print:

Classic kid-lit is fit to print and wear. The fine print: the purchase of each of Out of Print do-goods sends a book to Africa through its giving partner, Books for Africa.


Classic wooden blocks build creative kids. Tegu takes that idea a step further with a business model that builds a strong, sustainable economy for the people of Honduras, where its hardwood blocks are produced.

Roma Rain Boots:

Rainy days don’t have to be a downer. This uplifting rain-boot brand gives a pair of its bright rubber rain boots to an orphaned child in Romania for every pair purchased.

Uncharted Play:

A little energy goes a long way. Uncharted Play harnesses the potential energy of play to create electricity in developing countries, empowering students to think critically about how they can create change.