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3 Mixology Essentials For Make Chill Happen

Summer vibes go hand in hand with gin, rum, tequila, beer. In other words, just about everything that’s drinkable. That means: you’ve got to be ready to hop behind the bar whenever 5 o’clock strikes somewhere. With that in mind, we’ve curated a few essentials to mix into your mixologist tool kit. When heat strikes, here’s how to make chill happen. Let the drinking games begin…

Quirky Stem +  Citritwist: When the forecast hands you lemons (otherwise known as a 90-degree day), reach for the salt, tequila, and Quirky’s main squeeze: a citrus spritzer and reamer. Designed to take the sweat out of drink prep, the polished set instantly juices up any cocktail without leaving behind a sticky mess.

A Summer Shop: Drift away with vintage-inspired cocktail anchors created by designer Nicholas Panas as part of his line of leisurely accessories. Think of them as a nostalgic splash!

Hella Bitter: Finally a way to raise you glass without having to prepare a toast. These BK-made craft bitters are designed to take your cocktail to the next level, infusing a dash of flavor that’s just the right amount of old fashioned.  PS…if you want to craft your own craft bitters, check out Hella Bitter’s new Kickstarter project!