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3 Ethical Jewelry Brands Worthy of Wish-Lists

Jewelry is personal. These designers take it a step further and create pieces that have a significance which extends beyond appearance. Whether supporting artisans or an important cause, discover ethical jewelry that makes a statement for change.

Article 22:

Designed to connect objects with ideas, these powerful pieces are crafted from Vietnam War era bombs by Laotian artisans. Sales of the collection are used to de-mine bomb-littered lands.

Jewelry for a Cause:

Founded by former lawyer Jessica Mindich, Jewelry for a Cause creates disarmingly beautiful pieces that support disarmament efforts. The Caliber Collection features serial numbers of illegal guns from America’s streets.

A Peace Treaty:

A passion for travel inspired friends Farah Malik and Dana Arbib to begin designing jewelry and accessories using centuries old methods. Jewelry is crafted in artisan workshops across 10 countries and each piece tells the story of enduring craftsmanship.