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3 Digital Brands Using STYLETECH To Connect Offline

Just because you can do almost everything online – doesn’t mean you want to. In fact, many digitally innovative brands – including Warby Parker and Birchbox  – realizing their users crave in-person experiences equal to the online, have taken steps to acknowledge the person behind the screen. As part of this growing trend towards omni-channel storytelling, the #insideSTORY behind STYLE.TECH is that it features a number of digital first brands who are making use of the concept to introduce their story to an offline audience. From #Fancy sweatshirts to gothic tees, it’s proof that there’s still something to be said for connecting (without wires.)

Bow and Drape: Putting a high tech spin “Home Ec.,” NYC-based fashion start-up Bow and Drape uses technology to enable digital DIY (or DDIY.) Users can play designer and customize garments by adding everything from sequin appliqués to varsity letters with the touch of a button. For STYLETECH story, we’ve chosen a few favorites to inspire you to be iCrafty.

GothScreenShots: With her popular Tumblr, interdisciplinary artist Sougwen Chung pays homage to moments of digital distress – from spinning wheels and Facebook dislikes to error messages. For the first time, Chung has re-imagined these digital icons without a screen, printing them onto a collection of apparel and accessories.

Appalatch: On a mission to create performance apparel ethically and transparently, Appalatch creates small batches (including custom-sized 3D printed sweaters) of clothing using a completely domestic supply chain. While its garment have a classic quality, its direct-to-consumer model launched online as a way to offer modern pricing without a middleman markup. For STYLETECH story, we’ve brought in the brand;s better basics because feeling is believing.