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3 Cool (not to be missed) Details In Our STORY!

Summer is all about doing as little as possible. So details like putting on socks or checking the time get pushed to the “I’ll get to it when it’s not a million degrees to-do list.” But since we all agree: there’s nothing cool about arriving late or under-dressed, we’ve pulled together 3 of the details you’ll need to do as little as possible without looking like a hot mess.


Because you can only bare ankles for so long and because it’s too hot to think about an extra layers, these statement making socks add a dash of dandy that will feel just right through the fall. Let’s just agree not to wear them with sandals.

Q&Q SmileSolar Watches:

Clean lines meet solar powered efficiency for a wrist wear statement that proves less is definitely much more cool. Watches are designed to transform the sun’s rays into time-keeping energy via a tiny solar panel that holds an hour charge for up to 3 months.


Because style should never be compromised in the name of storage, this handy-and-dandy pocket square features a discreet built in pocket to hold essentials. Tailored of silk and cotton and designed to accommodate a phone, sunglasses, keys and cards, its coolly practical.