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3 Beauty Products For Looking Pretty Cool

In things that are pretty uncool: humidity, sweat, and tan lines. So in the interest of avoiding that mess, we’ve put together a few pretty cool products for a beautiful summer – from packable perfumes to bath bubbles with a distinct “scents” of humor. Read on for  the perfect beauty counter for muggy summer days…

Not Soap Radio Original Bubbles: Got 99 problems? Don’t just brush it off. Wash them off with this line of super rich bath bubbles, designed to address your issues with a “scents” of humor – from the bikini bod maintenance to igniting a summer romance.

Atelier de Geste perfumes: Because vacation is the perfect time for a fragrance fling, NYC creative studio, Atelier de Geste’s petite packable perfumes are ready to roll. Experiment with the award winning trio of scents, each designed as an olfactory complement to movement and dance.

EiR NYC: Be an all natural beauty with EiR’s fuss-free skincare solutions – from cooling butter to surf mud. Crafted from ingredients like shea butter and essential oils, each blend is designed to support a pretty active lifestyle.

COMING SOON…Quirky PerFix: Beauty bag need to go on a diet? Meet Perfix, an all in one makeup brush solution that’s currently in the Quirky product pipeline. Think it’s less-is-more design is pretty cool? Hop on over to the portfolio page now and help them decide on the price!