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How MAKERS Women Puts the Focus on Every Woman’s Story

Feminism isn’t just a word, it’s a dialogue across generations. AOL’s MAKERS Women platform brings that conversation to life digitally through a dynamic collection of videos that empowers women and girls to speak up and share their words – their stories – with the world. Ahead of the launch of the new Makers App, we sat down with Dyllan McGee to learn how the team at AOL is making F stand for finding your story…

Can you tell us what MAKERS Women is all about? 

MAKERS is a women’s leadership platform that highlights the stories of groundbreaking women today to create the leaders of tomorrow – it is the largest collection of women’s stories ever assembled. At MAKERS we focus on telling the stories that show the history of the word and the importance of passing that history on to the next generation.

Awesome! How does the launch of the new MAKERS Stories App tie into this mission? 

Our plan at Team MAKERS is to tell every women’s story because we believe, as many of our MAKERS have said, “If She Can See It, She Can Be It.” With the launch of the App you’ll be able to share your own stories.

Sounds like you’ve heard a lot of inspiring stories. Can you share a favorite piece of advice that’s been shared? 

One of our favorite MAKERS quotes come from Shonda Rhimes who says “Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be”. What Shonda Rhimes has done to change what Hollywood looks like on and off screen is flabbergasting!

Agreed. Are there any other change-makers on the MAKERS radar?

MAKERS is currently focused on STE(A)M based organizations – Black Girls Code is one of our most recent favorites and we featured two of the girl coders at our most recent conference.