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✓ Kid Around

Bring comfort and cuteness Home for the Holidays with these adorable finds.

Wild Monster & More Onesies by Mi Cielo
Popping with pop culture savvy that parents are sure to treasure, these 100% recycled felt hand-stitched onesies are perfect for pint-sized fashionistas with a fondness for fun. (Photo above.)

The City and Lion Stripe Coveralls by Lucky Jade

Decked out with fun, endearing graphics, these washable cotton cashmere blend coveralls are delightfully soft. Created by mother and women’s clothing designer Leslie Pitts, Lucky Jade has both the look and the touch of caring quality.


Engineered by MIT friends, these deliberately designed spoons help babies get a grip with a shape that activates their natural “latching” reflex (and a smaller scoop for a smaller mouth).

Little Monster Cotton Leggings by Doodle Pants

These adorable pants are sewn with generous rear-ends cut for diaper-clad babes, and decorated with smile-inducing designs. The bow on top? Each sale donates a portion of profit to a child in need.

Lion & Zebra Socks and More by Pals Socks

Discovered at our last #PitchNight, our open call for makers and designers to show their exciting new products, these socks, made by co-founder Hannah Lavon, celebrate unlikely friendships in a way that’s as colorful as it is comfortable.