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Beauty Rest and
Healthy Zzzs: Smart Nora

No one likes to sleep next to someone that snores; it’s annoying and we all know that. What you might not be aware of, though, is just how much snoring affects a person’s health. While the missed hours of much-needed beauty rest may seem like problem enough, science has also shown that there’s a strong link between sleep apnea and heart disease.

Thankfully, tech-driven times have brought about an easy solution. Say hi to Smart Nora, a clever little pillow insert that detects snoring throughout the night, and lightly inflates to gently lift your head so natural breathing will resume. What’s more? The fact that Nora works with any type of pillow, so you don’t have to give up your ultra-fluffy feathers or brick-like bolster.

Designed by a global team of top engineers at Toronto’s innovation hub, the MaRS Discovery District, Smart Nora brilliantly works within 7-14 days for side sleepers and back sleepers alike. As a non-invasive bedtime tool, your creature comforts don’t have to change—no mouth guards, nose strips or pillows you hate—but your monster-like snore is sure to go.