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IN CONVERSATION: Colette Founder Sarah Andelman Talks Food, Fun Facts and Goodbyes

Paris is Colette. Since the legendary concept store opened its doors on Rue Saint-Honoré, it’s been a constant source of inspiration, from its endless artist collaborations and fearless support of new designers to the merchandise. Store co-founder Sarah Andelman is the mastermind behind the mix, famed for her ability to mash up super high-end designer fashion and quirky-cool design finds. This past year, Sarah announced that after two decades in business Colette would close its doors. Le sigh. But, we couldn’t just let her turn out the lights without bringing a little bit of the magic to New York, so we’ve teamed up to bring some of her favorite gifts “Home for the Holidays.”

STORY Founder Rachel Shechtman was in Paris at lunch with Sarah and popped the question: “Do you think we could sell some great Colette gifts?” Think favorites like The Colette Mystery Bag alongside limited-edition t-shirts and a have-forever leather shopping bag. To celebrate the launch of this special partnership, we asked Sarah to share her go-tos and must-haves. Read on for this creative’s NYC haunts and hits.

What’s your first stop in New York?
Central Park.

Where’s the last great meal you had in NY or your favorite restaurant here?
I like the breakfast at Sadelle’s, and lunch with our friend Ali at St-Ambroeus on Lafayette.

Where do you love to work in New York?
Where passion and creative fun stuff are together.

What’s a fun fact we can’t find out about you on Google?
I go to Phish concerts.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given/received?

What three items can be found on you at all times?
iPhone, lip balm, Lego toy.

What did you last take a photo of?
Beautiful flowers I just received.

What does “Home for the Holidays mean to you?
The not-wish to be somewhere else.

Any travel rituals when you’re in NYC?
To walk on the High Line and to shop at STORY of course!

If you weren’t in retail, what do you see yourself doing?
Spaceship pilot.

Check out Sarah’s conversation with STORY founder Rachel Shechtman last week at BoF Voices about what’s next for her and the future of retail!