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Blumenmädchenkleider und Speicher

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Blumenmädchenkleider und Speicher

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Trend STORY: What’s In-Store for Spring ’14?

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Booth trolling at this year’s Spring/Summer accessories shows proved the more sparkle the better, it’s hip to be square (or rectangular,) and you should be proud to sport a weave. Here’s a look at the trends we spotted and the pieces we loved:

Bling Ring: Jewelry adops a more is more mantra with high-wattage sparkle taking over cascading necklaces and jewel-encrusted bracelets. Many designers were showing these blinged out baubles layered with less dramatic pieces for a balanced contrast.

Clear Winners: Lucite has been around since the 60s yet for spring/summer designers get a little carried away with box clutches and bigger is better bangles. A favorite of the shows: Ashlyn’ds out of the box bags – from one decked in Astroturf to a little something sandy.

Be-Weave Me: The bohemian will find much to love in the season’s vibrant, woven pieces – from layerable friendship bracelets and handmade Columbian satchels to sneakers. The vibe: crafty yet cool.

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Designer Weaves Together Art and Tech In New Story

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

One of the things we’ve discovered at STORY: Inspiration is everywhere. It can be a 16-year old who walks through the door or a walk on the Highline. Case in point: designer Elle Luna. Known to the tech world for her work on Mailbox, a start-up acquired by Dropbox, earlier this year she dropped everything to start fresh – as an artist.

This week she released the first in a series of projects that explore the intersection of art and technology. Called The Bulan Project, the e-commerce concept is designed to offer a single cloth for every ‘edition.’ Sound familiar? It should. Luna told Tech Crunch that STORY was among the many things that inspired her concept, noting our ever changing approach and curated themes.

At STORY we find inspiration in those willing to take risks, make messes, and create something new – so to have helped that process along, well it’s pretty inspiring.

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LookBack STORY: STORY on Instagram

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

As we start the new year, a peek at our Instagram tells the STORY of our crazy (in a good way) year. Countless cool discoveries, a few celebrity run-ins, cute puppies, an in-store barbershop, and so much more happened. We took a cross-country trip, visited the art world, and had the big idea to think small. Although it was hard to choose, here are some of our favorite moments from our STORY Instagram (follow us for more insta-stories!)

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Resolutions to Kickstart 2014

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Got a few things you want to accomplish in the New Year? So do these makers, designers, and artists. Discover their projects on Kickstarter and start crossing a few things off your 2014 to-do list:

Milkmade Ice Cream: Resolve to eat more ice-cream (tough we know) with this craft ice-creamer’s bid to expand its small batch business. Known for its super premium scoops and innovative flavors, its goal is to meet all the “I Screams,” and “You Screams” so we can all scream for its specialty ice cream.

Rooftop Films: Resolve to make more movie nights with Rooftop Film’s campaign to fund its uniquely NYC viewing experiences. Known for showcasing indie films in the open air, its mission is to bring the community together to experience great films in our great city.

Jene DeSpain Jewelry:
Resolve to support making it in NYC with this Brooklyn designer’s campaign to bring her jewelry to NYC Fashion Week. Known for her Art-Deco vibe and meticulous approach, Jene’s goal is expand domestic production and realize the opportunity to show at fashion week.

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Hella Bitters Shakes Up the Holidays

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Founders of craft bitters brand, Hella Bitter share recipes for getting into the holiday spirits…

Red Jacket Old Fashioned

Ingredients: 2 Oz Rye, .5 oz Boiled Cider*, 2 Dashes Hella Aromatic, 1 Dash Hella Citrus, Orange peel garnish

1.In rocks glass combine Rye, Boiled Cider and bitters. Stir gently. Add ice 3/4 up glass. Stir gently for about 8 seconds. Garnish with thick orange peel.

*Boiled cider is an old school New England recipe. It is a commitment to make but worth it if you have the time and it keeps indefinitely in the fridge. Basic recipe: Ingredients – 1 gallon Cider. In a heavy bottomed pot bring cider to boil – cook uncovered for 4-5 hours stirring occasionally. It will start to thicken in the last hour and at this point you’ll have to stir it a little more so it doesn’t burn. It’s done when it coats the back of a spoon. If you don’t have time to make it, you can order it online. Morris Kitchen makes a spiced apple syrup that’s an acceptable replacement.

Cider Mill Retirement

Ingredients: 2 oz Apple-Cinnamon Tea, 1.25 oz Tanqueray Gin, ,.5 oz Boiled Cider,.5 oz fresh lemon juice

1. In a shaker add ice, Tanqueray, boiled cider, fresh lemon and Hella Bitter Aromatic

2. Strain into a rocks glass over ice.

3. Top with tea and stir gently.

4. Garnish with apple slice.

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For Everyone: Travel Essentials

Monday, November 25th, 2013

The saying you’ve arrived holds true when you’ve got the right travel essentials – from headphones to hostess gifts. Here’s how to go home for the holidays…good stories travel fast.

Present Time Inflatable Travel Pillow:Long trips equal long naps with this tot-sized travel pillow.

Seletti Toiletry Kit: A built-in packing list ensures he’ll never again be forced to borrow the mother-in-law’s toothbrush.

Flight 001 F1 Cargo Carry-on: Because a gate change shouldn’t be a death sentence for shoulders, this convenient wheeled carry-on eases the stress.

Urban Ears X Pendelton Headphones: Urbanears’ puts a throwback spin on its Plattan headphones. The vibe: ready for takeoff.

Tracey Tanner Fatty Large Pouch: Save suitcase space with this double-duty-doing leather pouch: it handles makeup and can dress up as a clutch.

Prospector Co. All Purpose Dirt: Though you’ve graduated from “two in one shampoo,” this streamlined cleanser attends to all on-the-go body/hair/ face grooming needs.

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Long STORY Short: Linda Facci

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Known for her creative energy – whether working behind the scenes at the creative director of Magnolia Bakery or putting the finishes touches on a DIY project, Linda Facci elevates hobby to art form with her whimsical, needle felted animals. Spinning the felted fibers into detail rich animals, her handcrafted mini-sculptures remind what’s possible with two hands and an imagination. Discover the multi talented maker’s passions and #ShopSmall to support Linda’s felted foray.

What is your business known for?
My hand-crafted products. Needle felted animals; graphic design & branding; papier mache flowers & planets, decorated egg interiors; fine silver jewelry; felt iphone/laptop cases, brooches, and scarves.

What small small business in your community inspires you?
I have a home in upstate, NY where there are so many great small businesses. I especially like this tiny, organic, fair trade chocolate company in Saugerties, NY called Lucky Chocolates, where everything is handmade on the premises. The vibe is so cool when you walk in and you instantly feel like a kid again.

What are you passionate about?
The before and after of projects: The ball of wool that becomes a hat, a felted mouse that will make a kid smile, newspaper that turns into a planet through paper mache.

What piece of advice would you give other small business owners?
Don’t give up, keep doing what you’re doing and if you have to find that 9-5 job to keep
your craft alive, find something that makes you happy.

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Breaking STORY: Changing It Up!

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

It’s that time again: turnover! In STORY speak that’s the super-short window of time when we close our doors and shake up all the things that make a store a store – from the design and layout to the merchandise and displays. So as for what’s going down inside STORY – we’re collaborating with designers, unpacking boxes filled with fresh merchandise, painting walls, moving furniture, breaking a sweat, staying late, and getting ready to reveal our new retail narrative.

Wondering what’s in-store? We typically keep it a well-guarded secret, but with the holidays around the corner (yes, really) we’re excited to announce that our next STORY will be the second installment of one of best themes of last year: Home for the Holidays. Once again, we’ll be transforming our Chelsea storefront into a holiday home to house our 3-dimensional take on the holiday gift guide. There will be gifts for him, her, and the hard to shop for – all under one specially designed roof. Check out last year’s Home for the Holiday, and start putting the finishing touches on your holiday shopping list – we re-open November 6.

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STORY of Our Week

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

STORIES we learned this week…

Monday: Every designer comes from somewhere.
Last Friday night we hosted the launch party for Hometown Homage, a collaboration between the American Design Club and Outpost journal. In addition to some insanely cool submissions (including a mesh umbrella) from designers across the country, the party included fiercely fought Cornhole games.

Tuesday: Stories connect people!
This week we got the opportunity to preview eBay’s new platform, which is all about story-telling! One of our favorite enhancements: the refreshed site adds curation from high-profile ‘members’ like Pharrell Williams, STORY friend Graham Hill, and an American Made edit by Martha Stewart Living.

Wednesday: Makers are inspiring.
We (and our friends at Cool Hunting) spent Tuesday night with a room full of makers who’d lined up to pitch their products for our upcoming holiday issue. From Little J Dawg’s “Dope” handmade cards to a two week old business, we discovered some amazing products and even better stories – that we can’t wait to tell come November 6!

Thursday: Cute kids make super cute masks.
Wednesday afternoon we met some mini-makers for a mask-making activity with Brika and author Sarah Goldschadt. Turns out when you give little ones glue sticks, goldfish, and the go-ahead to create, the result is super cute (until you have to clean up.)

Friday: It’s hard saying goodbye.

Friday marked the end of STORY: Made in America. We’re definitely excited to move on to the next chapter, but it’s hard to say goodbye to all the people who helped us tell this STORY – from our partners: Made Movement, Flint and Tinder, American Design Club, Outpost Journal, and Brika to the over 200 makers who joined us on this journey. Thanks for making this STORY – one for the books.

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