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Doing Good, One (trash) Bag at a Time •4/22/2014

Good is…using shopping to propel a wave of environmental action. That’s the mission of United By Blue who pledge to pick up 1LB of trash for every product sold. So far, they’ve removed 170,000 LB of trash through community organized cleanups of local waterways – and they’re just getting started. Read on to see how this brand is turning shoppers into environmental participants.

What’s the GOOD STORY behind your business?
United By Blue is a company focused on ocean and waterway conservation. We use our business as a way to have a tangible impact on one of the most pressing environmental issues facing our planet: ocean and waterway pollution.

Fill in the blank: GOOD things happen when….
Individuals unite to become a community

How do you create impact?
By associating a concrete environmental action with every business transaction, we are able to have a measurable impact on this important issue. We continuously organize and host ocean and waterway cleanups across the country, so far, having hosted 100 cleanups and removed over 170,000 pounds of trash from rivers, streams, creeks, and beaches across 21 US states.

What’s one GOOD thing you’ve discovered lately?
Last week United By Blue hosted a cleanup along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. Two high school students attended – they laughed, competed, and also picked up 6 bags of trash. They weren’t there because they were required to, they were there because they wanted to help. And that’s pretty damn GOOD.

Do Good: Support Solar Justice •4/21/2014

Good is…spreading the word about solar justice. That’s why we’re giving a shout-out to the makers at MPOWERD who have created LUCI, a simple, sustainable solution for the 1.5bn people living off the grid.

Clean and easy to implement, LUCI combines the benefits of a task light, flashlight, and lantern, providing a solar powered light source to indigenous communities.

Even brighter: that small (only 4-oz) change can mean a big switch away from burning harmful fossil fuels towards sustainable energy. It also supports education, powering students to study up to 3-hours more per night.

Charged to make change? Give a LUCI to help them meet their goal of providing light to 2500 communities before May 14 and send @MpowerdINC #sixwords on doing the bright thing.

The Roundup: This Week It’s About What Women Want •1/23/2014

A jewelry designer’s new SoHo shop, and an intimate gathering and more in this week’s roundup of web stories worth linking about.

SoHo’s New Gem: STORY favorite, jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning has opened a new brick and mortar spot in SoHo (12 Wooster St.) Look forward to her free-form precious metal and stone pieces alongside jewels from Pamela Love and gifts from Cardtorial.

Getting Warmer: If heat-seeking is on your weekend agenda, stop by the Thompson Hotel on the LES for an intimate affair with the lingerie loving ladies of Flora Nuit. Discover racks of beautiful, hard to find bras, while sipping cocktails by Campari America’s Women & Whiskies.

Hat’s Off: Word is our friend, NYC milliner Satya Twena killed it on Kickstarter – nearly doubling her goal. But you haven’t missed out, she’s added some of the campaign’s favorite rewards to her shop – including our favorite, a cat eared cloche by PS I Made This.

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Good STORY: Rated B •1/14/2014

Over the past few months we’ve met over 200 small businesses – from handbag designers to super-soft sock makers. Among the things they’ve taught us: small businesses can be a force for change in their communities. And that’s why B Corps - a network of small businesses who are voluntarily ascribing to higher standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency – matter in a big way.

Take Brooklyn pet accessories maker, Found My Animal. For starters the company uses only premium, all-weather materials and time-tested methods to craft each of their accessories – from dog leashes to collars and totes. But more importantly, this B Corp aims at promoting the rights of adopted animals and making choices that positively impact its community (both the two and four legged.)

If one of your resolutions is to connect to your community and “B the change” – this is an amazing resource for finding like-minded businesses that are out to redefine success.

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Trend STORY: What’s In-Store for Spring ’14? •1/10/2014

Booth trolling at this year’s Spring/Summer accessories shows proved the more sparkle the better, it’s hip to be square (or rectangular,) and you should be proud to sport a weave. Here’s a look at the trends we spotted and the pieces we loved:

Bling Ring: Jewelry adops a more is more mantra with high-wattage sparkle taking over cascading necklaces and jewel-encrusted bracelets. Many designers were showing these blinged out baubles layered with less dramatic pieces for a balanced contrast.

Clear Winners: Lucite has been around since the 60s yet for spring/summer designers get a little carried away with box clutches and bigger is better bangles. A favorite of the shows: Ashlyn’ds out of the box bags – from one decked in Astroturf to a little something sandy.

Be-Weave Me: The bohemian will find much to love in the season’s vibrant, woven pieces – from layerable friendship bracelets and handmade Columbian satchels to sneakers. The vibe: crafty yet cool.

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Designer Weaves Together Art and Tech In New Story •1/09/2014

One of the things we’ve discovered at STORY: Inspiration is everywhere. It can be a 16-year old who walks through the door or a walk on the Highline. Case in point: designer Elle Luna. Known to the tech world for her work on Mailbox, a start-up acquired by Dropbox, earlier this year she dropped everything to start fresh – as an artist.

This week she released the first in a series of projects that explore the intersection of art and technology. Called The Bulan Project, the e-commerce concept is designed to offer a single cloth for every ‘edition.’ Sound familiar? It should. Luna told Tech Crunch that STORY was among the many things that inspired her concept, noting our ever changing approach and curated themes.

At STORY we find inspiration in those willing to take risks, make messes, and create something new – so to have helped that process along, well it’s pretty inspiring.

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LookBack STORY: STORY on Instagram •1/02/2014

As we start the new year, a peek at our Instagram tells the STORY of our crazy (in a good way) year. Countless cool discoveries, a few celebrity run-ins, cute puppies, an in-store barbershop, and so much more happened. We took a cross-country trip, visited the art world, and had the big idea to think small. Although it was hard to choose, here are some of our favorite moments from our STORY Instagram (follow us for more insta-stories!)

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Resolutions to Kickstart 2014 •12/27/2013

Got a few things you want to accomplish in the New Year? So do these makers, designers, and artists. Discover their projects on Kickstarter and start crossing a few things off your 2014 to-do list:

Milkmade Ice Cream: Resolve to eat more ice-cream (tough we know) with this craft ice-creamer’s bid to expand its small batch business. Known for its super premium scoops and innovative flavors, its goal is to meet all the “I Screams,” and “You Screams” so we can all scream for its specialty ice cream.

Rooftop Films: Resolve to make more movie nights with Rooftop Film’s campaign to fund its uniquely NYC viewing experiences. Known for showcasing indie films in the open air, its mission is to bring the community together to experience great films in our great city.

Jene DeSpain Jewelry: Resolve to support making it in NYC with this Brooklyn designer’s campaign to bring her jewelry to NYC Fashion Week. Known for her Art-Deco vibe and meticulous approach, Jene’s goal is expand domestic production and realize the opportunity to show at fashion week. [nggallery id=121]

Hella Bitters Shakes Up the Holidays •12/09/2013

Founders of craft bitters brand, Hella Bitter share recipes for getting into the holiday spirits…

Red Jacket Old Fashioned
Ingredients: 2 Oz Rye, .5 oz Boiled Cider*, 2 Dashes Hella Aromatic, 1 Dash Hella Citrus, Orange peel garnish
1.In rocks glass combine Rye, Boiled Cider and bitters. Stir gently. Add ice 3/4 up glass. Stir gently for about 8 seconds. Garnish with thick orange peel.

*Boiled cider is an old school New England recipe. It is a commitment to make but worth it if you have the time and it keeps indefinitely in the fridge. Basic recipe: Ingredients – 1 gallon Cider. In a heavy bottomed pot bring cider to boil – cook uncovered for 4-5 hours stirring occasionally. It will start to thicken in the last hour and at this point you’ll have to stir it a little more so it doesn’t burn. It’s done when it coats the back of a spoon. If you don’t have time to make it, you can order it online. Morris Kitchen makes a spiced apple syrup that’s an acceptable replacement.

Cider Mill Retirement

Ingredients: 2 oz Apple-Cinnamon Tea, 1.25 oz Tanqueray Gin, ,.5 oz Boiled Cider,.5 oz fresh lemon juice

1. In a shaker add ice, Tanqueray, boiled cider, fresh lemon and Hella Bitter Aromatic
2. Strain into a rocks glass over ice.
3. Top with tea and stir gently.
4. Garnish with apple slice.
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SBS Countown: Where We Shop Small •11/26/2013

With this STORY we’re out to support small businesses online and off, near and far, new to the game or well-established. In preparation for Small Business Saturday, we’ve rounded up a few in our Home for the Holidays with Big Apple digs. Get the goods at STORY and go local, with our NYC #ShopSmall itinerary.

Hickorees: Elbow patches and flannel offer a heritage-inspired complement to The Hill-Side, the shop’s line of ties, scarves and bandannas. 109 S 6th St, BK

Santa Maria Novella: Rarefied scents and scrubs are the main attraction at this posh product shop. 285 Lafayette St., NY

Flight001: Supremely practical suitcase staples make this shop a destination for frequent flyers. 96 Greenwich Ave.,NY

Vosges Haut Chocolat: Exotic ingredients and lush chocolate makes a stop in this shop, a decadent day-tip. 132 Spring St. NY; 1100 Madison Ave., NY

Spoon NYC: Settle in for a fuss-free brunch at this Flatiron cafe (don’t skip dessert.) 17 W 20th St., NY

DwellStudio: Creative director Christiane Lemieux’s undecorated vision is on display on this vibrant decor shop. 77 Wooster St., NY

Makie Clothiers: Elegant threads for little ones feel special enough to go the distance for. 109 Thompson St., NY

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